From time to time I will add an English translation of a scholarly article on a subject or by an author of interest to me. The fact that a translation is posted here does not necessarily indicate that I agree with all or, indeed, any of the conclusions reached by the author of the translated article. The translations are unofficial and I welcome any corrections or suggestions for improvement.


Elisha Qimron, “Chickens and Dogs in the Temple Scroll (11QTc)” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton)

Ben-Zion Rosenfeld, “The History of the Resettlement of Two High Priestly Families in the Second Temple Period” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton)

Daniel R. Schwartz, “The Birthday of King Agrippa—Between Josephus and Joseph” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton)

David Flusser, “Jesus’ Temptation and Its Jewish Background” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton *)

Haim Schwarzbaum, “Aesop’s Fables and the Parables of the Sages” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton)

Joachim Jeremias, “The ‘Pinnacle’ of the Temple (Matt. 4:5; Luke 4:9)” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton *)

Raphaël Savignac, “The Complete Text of the Abila Inscription Concerning Lysanias” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton *)

David Flusser, “Sanctus and Gloria” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton *)

Peter J. Tomson, “Review: David Flusser’s Die rabbinischen Gleichnisse und der Gleichniserzähler Jesus (1981)” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton *)

Günther Schwarz, “ἰῶτα ἓν ἢ μία κεραία (Matt. 5:18)” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton *)

Étienne Nodet, “Neither a Yod, Nor a Waw (Matt. 5:18)” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton *)

David Flusser, “The Torah in the Sermon on the Mount” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton )

Daniel R. Schwartz, “Was Yohanan ben Zakkai a Priest?” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton )

David Flusser, “Luke 9:51-56—A Hebrew Fragment” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton *)

David Flusser, “‘Everything Written…in the Psalms About Me’ (Luke 24:44)” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton *)

David Flusser, “Midrash in the New Testament” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton *)

Translations On Other Sites

David Flusser, “The Gospel of John’s Jewish-Christian Source” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton)

David Flusser, “The Times of the Gentiles and the Redemption of Jerusalem” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton)

David Flusser, “Teaching with Authority: The Development of Jesus’ Portrayal as a Teacher within the Synoptic Tradition” (trans. Joshua N. Tilton *)

* Articles marked with an asterisk were translated with the aid of Google Translate.


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